project Design

Project Design

Aashu Wellness

An age old concept of Indus valley civilization “external and internal beautification”. A three way approach of celebrating the journey called life armed with –prevention , awareness ,aesthetification.We want negativity like fear , anger , vengeance , jealousy , and much more to become a part of Aashu’s Wellness and get you all empties .this will create an aura of positivity and optimism.

Project Information

  • Project Name :Aashu Wellness
  • Fronted Technology :HTML5, CSS 3.0, Bootstrap 3.0 Responsive, JS, Jquery
  • Project Type :CMS (Informative)

Key Features

  • User Navigation
  • Testimonial Slider
  • Social Share
  • History Timeline
  • Services
  • Feedback Form
  • Location MAP

Project Development

Project Design

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