project Design

Project Design
Project Design


AfriCredit’s online payday lending platform aims to give you a safe, fast, and simple experience when it comes to borrowing money for a short-term.

As a licensed local money lending business, based in Lagos, Nigeria, our aim is to transform the payday loan market by offering the fastest service available, and the most economically beneficial service in terms of accessible and affordable finance.

Project Information

  • Project Name : AfriCredit
  • Fronted Technology :HTML5, CSS 3.0, Bootstrap 3.0 Responsive, JS, Jquery
  • Backnd Platform :WordPress 4.0, SQL
  • Project Type : Real Estate

Key Features

  • User Navigation
  • Image Gallery Slider
  • Responsive
  • Loan Calculator
  • Testinomial
  • Services
  • User Loan Form
  • Feedback Form
  • User Login/Register

Project Development

Project Design
Project Design
Project Design
Project Design

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