project Design

Project Design

PN Web Developer

PN Web Develoer is a leading and globally accepted IT solution provider and currently at the front of offshore web development to serve the people across the world. They spread our wings in the business of Website Development, Web Designing &, E-Commerce Solutions, Enterprise Web Solution Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Application Design & Development, etc..

Project Information

  • Project Name :PN Web Developer
  • Fronted Technology :HTML5, CSS 3.0, Bootstrap 3.0 Responsive, JS, Jquery
  • Backnd Platform :WordPress 4.0, SQL
  • Project Type :CMS & Blog

Key Features

  • User Navigation
  • Banner Slider
  • Service Category
  • Portfolio
  • Inquiry Form
  • Blog
  • Social Share
  • Search
  • Archive

Project Development

Project Design

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