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Project Design
Project Design

Temple Capital

We are focused on delivering sustainable results because we measure our success in terms of the long-term value we deliver to our clients. Our team have a broad range of skills and complementary backgrounds in investment banking, capital markets, consulting, investment management and financial law. Our people strategy, which is linked to the business goal, is to have a fulfilled and engaged workforce that delivers on the key drivers of the strategy.

Project Information

  • Project Name :Templecapital
  • Fronted Technology :HTML5, CSS 3.0, Bootstrap 3.0 Responsive, JS, Jquery
  • Backnd Platform :WordPress 4.0, SQL
  • Project Type :CMS & Blog

Key Features

  • Fixed Navigation
  • Banner
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Portfolio
  • Contact Form
  • Responsive
  • Testimonials Slider

Project Development

Project Design
Project Design
Project Design

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